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Choosing The Best Dog Walker/Pet Sitter For Your Pet

Updated: May 22, 2019

Your pet - whether dog, cat, horse, reptile, fish or any other animal - is a beloved member of your when it comes to choosing someone to care for your family, it makes sense to choose the very best!

With the growing number of pet care/dog walker apps and sites, more and more people are deciding to cash in on the growing need for pet care. This tends to bring out well-intentioned “pet lovers” vs pet care professionals. Simply being a pet lover or a low price point shouldn’t be the main factors pet parents look at when deciding who to entrust with the care of their furry family. #PurrsAndGrrrs are proud to be professional dog walkers + pet sitters, and members of Pet Sitters International. As part of their #GetARealPetSitter campaign, they created a great graphic that helps show some of the major differences between a Professional Pet Sitter and a hobbyist. So when faced with finding pet care for your next vacation or to care for your pup while you work, always look to the professionals first.

Purrs & Grrrs Dog Walking & Pet Sitting | Sunland - Tujunga

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