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Dog Walking Tips for Pet Parents in the Crescenta Valley

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

One of the top reasons we hear from people on why they don't walk their dog regularly is because their dog pulls on the leash, making the walk uncomfortable or not very fun and relaxing. In honor of Walk Your Dog Month, consider making it a goal to work on leash training with your pup!

Dog Walking Tips | Purrs & Grrrs Dog Walking & Pet Sitting | Crescenta Valley

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you & your pup both get the most out of a dog walk:

1) Commit to a Schedule Just as with humans, animals thrive on routine. Pick a time of day that works best for you to get outside and commit to a minimum of 20-30 minutes of walk time with your pup (depending on the breed of dog, this amount of time may vary). "Hope is not a strategy" - you can hope to walk your dog, but if you don't plan a schedule around this goal it likely won't happen. If you commit to a set day/time, your chances of sticking to the routine are much higher! Consistency also helps to reinforce the leash training you'll do with your pup. 

2) Proper Leash for your Pup Sometimes, what hinders a dog walk the most is having improper equipment. The right leash can work WONDERS on a dog walk. Purrs & Grrrs are strong supporters of a "Slip Lead" style of leash. A slip lead can often work with any dog or any size, when it's used properly. Retractable leashes are generally not great options in any instance, so take a look at slip leads, gentle leaders or other potential options for your pup if possible.

3) Leash Training As your pup's pet parent, it is up to you to establish the rules and guidelines for what is allowed or not allowed while on dog walks. Dogs generally won't instinctively know how to walk on a leash - they are looking to you for leadership in that area. If you have the time, there are great resources on YouTube for dog walking techniques that give great visuals for how to lead a dog walk. If you could use some assistance or guidance with training, contact Purrs & Grrrs! We specialize in leash training and can partner with you to help ensure your dog walks when we're not around are relaxing and fun for you & your pup!

There are some great neighborhoods and hiking trails for dog walking in La Crescenta, La Canada Flintridge and throughout the Crescenta Valley. If you have a favorite dog walk route in the Crescenta Valley, we'd love to hear about it - share it in the comments below!

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Dominique Cachu is the Co-Owner + Chief of People Operations for Crescenta Valley's premier trusted in-home pet care company. When her husband, Marin Cachu, shared with her that he wanted to live out his dream of starting a pet care business in 2015, she used her background in Human Resources to help make that dream a reality. That's how Purrs & Grrrs Dog Walking + Pet Sitting was born! Dominique is trained in Pet First Aid + CPCR, bonded + insured and has a fully cleared background check. She ensures the entire Purrs & Grrrs team has the same qualifications as well. She loves working with her husband and is incredibly proud of the family business they've created together. To learn more please click here.

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Oct 03, 2019

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