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How To Be A Responsible Pet Owner in Sunland-Tujunga and the Foothills Area

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

We already know our Purrs & Grrrs family is made up of incredible & responsible pet owners. After all, you've taken the time to ensure you have professional dog walkers/pet sitters caring for your pets as part of your Pet Care Team! (psst - and those amazing professionals are us at Purrs & Grrrs- tee hee)

Responsible Pet Owner | Purrs & Grrrs Dog Walking & Pet Sitting | Sunland - Tujunga

We also know there is always room to grow & learn about how to be the best pet parents to our furry (or feathery, scaley, hairy...) family.

Here are some of the most important ways you can be responsible pet owners:

1) Welcome the Right Pet to your Family

So many people have the desire to welcome a new pet to the family, but what animal should you choose? Should you get a cat, a dog, birds, guinea pigs, fish? Then, you need to decide what breed of cat or dog etc. would be best suited for you & your family. When making such a long-term commitment, be sure to take your family, home & lifestyle into consideration to make the best possible selection for you & your future pet. If you're looking to add a dog to your pack, check out a previous blog post we wrote here for tips on how to know what dog breed may be right for you & your family.

2) Commit to Regular Pet Care - and Choose the Right Pet Care Team!

Just as we need routine doctor check-up visits, so do our pets! Research a local Veterinarian who is right for your needs and commit to regular, preventative care for your pets. This includes scheduling regular visits to ensure their vaccinations and flea/tick care is handled properly. Pets also need regular trips to the groomer (in varying degrees) to help keep them healthy. Investing in Pet Insurance may be a great preventative option to help cover any accidents that may occur - and they do happen from time to time!

Your Pet Care Team may include your Vet, Groomer, Dog Walker/Pet Sitter and/or a Trainer. Be sure your Pet Care team is full of professionals who are properly insured/licensed and are able to provide you & your pack with the highest level of care.

3) Pet Proof your Home

There are many hazardous plants, household products and foods that can harm your pet. Research the hazards that apply to your pet and make sure you either remove these items or keep them in locked, secure locations so your pet cannot get into them.

4) Spay and Neuter your Pets

Did you know the average life span of an altered pet is 40% longer than one that isn't spayed or neutered? That's huge! There are also several cancers & diseases that can be 100% eliminated from possibility if your pet is spayed/neutered. Talk about incredible benefits! We're huge supporters of the Lucy Pet Foundation who offers free-low cost spay/neutering for Los Angeles area communities. Check them out!

5) Microchip & ID your Pets

Always ensure your pet has an ID tag on at all times - including indoor cats (there are great breakaway collars out there for kitties!). Consider getting your pet microchipped as well to help identify them should they ever escape your home/yard.

6) Provide Exercise & Socialization for your Pet

All pets need regular exercise to stay fit and to release their energy. Without it, your pet will likely act out in some not-so-great (i.e destructive) ways. Socialization is also crucial to keeping your pet healthy. Meeting new people and other pets improves the confidence of your pet and helps them to not be fearful or destructive. Dog Walks in your neighborhood are a great way to get your pup socialized as they engage with sights/sounds and see other pups as well. Be sure to reach out to Purrs & Grrrs to ask how we can partner with you in leash training your pup and getting your pup outside for dog walks while you work or travel!

7) Love Your Pet!

Your pet is so much more than a dog, cat, horse or bird - your pet is a member of your family. The love of an animal is so precious and unconditional, and they absolutely crave your love & attention. They give you their very best every day, so be sure you are always doing the same <3

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