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Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays in the Cachu home. Delicious homemade food, laughter and stories with friends & family and the post-meal "food coma"that ensues while watching the first holiday movie of the season with our pets at - or on! - our sides. What could be better?

Of course, with pets there are always a few safety precautions to keep in mind when big celebrations are in order - and Thanksgiving is no exception. Whether you are traveling with your furry family or hosting at your home, be sure your pets have a great holiday by taking the time to ensure they are safely away from any harmful foods or decorations. Your favorite dish is likely not the best thing for your pets to eat!

Here are some simple ways to keep your pack safe this Thanksgiving:

1) Food - the big obvious topic is all the Thanksgiving food on the table. Make sure the food stays on the table and not on the floor where your pet may try to sneak a bit. Some of the more dangerous items for your pets are...

- Turkey - turkey skin can be dangerous to pets and possibly lead to pancreatitis. Turkey bones are also a dangerous choking hazard which can cause all sorts of problems for your pet!

- Desserts - Chocolate can be quite poisonous and ingredients like xylitol found in sugar-free foods are often deadly. The yeast in baking dough can cause gas and harmful bloating, and raisins & grapes are also off limits to pets.

- Seasoning - Onions & garlic are particularly dangerous for our furry friends.

2) Trash - it's a good idea to have a trash can with a lid, and to take out the trash right after dinner. The aroma of the table scraps may be too tempting for your dog or cat, so removing any trash created while preparing or cooking your meal will remove any unnecessary temptation for them to rummage through the scraps.

3) Decorations - There are several holiday plants and flowers that are toxic for our pets, so keep any common plans such as poinsettias, tulips, hydrangeas, some ferns and baby's breath away from your dog or cat.

4) Safe Zone - Our pets can become overwhelmed when surrounded by so many people and so much activity. If your pet shows any sign of anxiety, give them lots of love and have them spend some time in a quiet "safe zone" of the house where they can be away from the activity for a bit. Consider leaving some soothing music on for them, bring them their favorite toy and have a special dog or cat friendly treat for them to enjoy. And, if you have the energy for it, consider going on a post-dinner dog walk around the block with your pup. It will be helpful for you and your pup!

Thanksgiving Pet Safety | Prrs & Grrrs Dog Walking & Pet Sitting | Sunland - Tujunga

If at any point you think your pet may have eaten something it shouldn't have, always call your veterinarian immediately. If you think your pet consumed something poisonous, call your veterinarian and Animal Poison Control at 888-232-8870.

We hope you & yours have a delicious Thanksgiving full of fun & lots of love!

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