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The Purrs & Grrrs Team - Employees vs IC's

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

We're proud of the great reputation we've built since 2015 - we're the most trusted professional dog walkers and pet sitters in the Foothills area! A strong reason for why we're so highly trusted is because of the amazing people we've had as part of the Purrs & Grrrs team.

What makes the Purrs & Grrrs team the best? One of the most key factors is hiring employees vs independent contractors. Here are a few reasons why having employees of a trusted, professional pet care company care for your pets is the way to go.

1. It's the law!

Running a small business in California is not for the faint of heart. There is a whole list of things we need to keep track of in order to stay compliant with tax code, labor code etc. One such area is employees vs independent contractors (IC's). California has very strict rules on what constitutes an IC relationship, so we hire employees to partner with us in "Loving Pets & Their People" with dog walking and pet sitting care.

2. Hiring Employees = Training them the Purrs & Grrrs way

When we hire employees as Dog Walkers or Pet Sitters, this means we can fully train them to ensure they're providing care at the highest of Purrs & Grrrs standards. Companies are not allowed to train IC's, which leaves LOTS of room for error when it comes to your pets. Each Purrs & Grrrs employee receives thorough on-the-job training and pet care education training so they can be the best professional dog walker or pet sitter for your pets.

3. Our Employees are Insured + Background Checked

Each member of our team is covered under our Insurance + Bonding policies, and each member of our team must successfully clear a thorough Background Check prior to hire.

4. Pet CPR + First-Aid Training - We're Covered!

As part of our ongoing pet care education training, we ensure every employee is trained in Pet CPR + First Aid within 6 months of hire. This training is valid for 2 years and we always make sure to re-certify when the time comes.

5. We Want to Hire & Support Local Animal Lovers!

Purrs & Grrrs started off as a dream job for us, and as we've grown so have our dreams! We want to be known as a great family business to work with and work for, and we're proud to help support amazing local animal lovers by providing amazing part-time employment opportunities.

It's such a joy for us to be part of your pet care team, and your trust in us means the world. When you choose Purrs & Grrrs to care for your animals, you can have confidence knowing you're supporting a great family business who is known to be the best professional dog walkers and pet sitters in La Crescenta and the surrounding Foothills area!

Interested in joining the P&G Team? Check out our openings!

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